Curriculum Leader Leadership Role Essay

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Introduction Developing a change plan was important in determining if a curriculum leader (principal) will provide the organization the necessary skills, tools, services and knowledge to promote academic success. The role of the principal in American schools has been in a constant state of change since its emergence. The issue has been mostly around whether the principal is a manager of the building or a leader of the school. Additionally, there has been discrepancy in the expectations of the principal in regard to curriculum and instruction. Using Hall and Hord (2006) stages of concern, newly hired curriculum leader (principal) has to use a different way of thinking about the employees’ (teachers) morale and the perception about …show more content…
This teacher is interested primarily in what is good for the individual students in the classroom. When an organization is concern with implementing a change, the situational leadership method from Kenneth Blanchard and Paul Hersey holds that managers must use different leadership styles depending on the situation. The model allows you to analyze the needs of the situation you are in, and then use the most appropriate leadership style. Blanchard and Hersey Leadership Model is based on the amount of direction (task behavior) and socio-emotional support (relationship behavior) a leader must provide given the situation and the “level of maturity” of the followers. Godin (2009) includes depending on employees’ competences in their task areas and commitment to their tasks, your leadership style should vary from one person to another. You may even lead the same person one way sometimes, and another way at other times. Kenneth Blanchard and Paul Hersey see four leadership styles growing out of combinations of supportive and directive behavior: directing style, coaching style, supporting style and delegating style. According to Erven (2001) the leading style, the emphasis on control and close supervision of the worker. In the coaching style, the leader provides more explanation of what the job entails and solicits suggestions while still staying in control