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Ryan Martin

The curse
The Curse of Macbeth is well known among actors. The curse is all the misfortune that happens while the play is being performed. The curse started on opening night when the boy actor playing Lady Macbeth died back stage. The cause of death was unknown since they didn’t have that type of technology back in 1606. In 1934, 4 actors that all played Macbeth died in a week. The play had to be postponed in 1937 for 3 days because of the change of directors. Along with the death of Lilian Boylis. There is also one case where a portrait of Lilian Boyis fell opening night years later.
The reason of this curse starting was back when the play first started showing, the viewer’s thought real spells were being used. Now days that would not be the case since Disney made witches into a figure that kids will not be too frightened by. The 3 main guesses to why the curse occurs is as followed. The first is when the show wasn’t scary then they would make it scary by something bad happening. The second is the sister’s weird incantations. The last and not least is just the history of all the bad stuff happening in the past.
Some believe that the actors brought this said curse among themselves to scare the audience. Thus, making the show scary and making more people want to see it. Personally I do not agree with this because I don’t see why someone would kill another person just to make it scary. I do not believe that this is a very good guess about the curse. For the