Curse: Risk and Right Ppe Essay

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What are hazards? Who might be harmed and how? What are you already doing do you need to doing anything else to manage the risk Action by when and who Action by when Done
Wet floor Wet floor can be one of the risks that can occur in a work practise, for example if the floor is wet by patients’ or staff, the accident can happen and slept over and hurt themselves. The thing you need to do first is put on a wet floor sign on the area that is wet so that patients can be aware of the wet floor. You need to make sure that the area that has the wetness needs to be cleaned up and dried up as soon as possible, so no risk can occur. By staff or by a cleaner in the work places. Agues 19 8/2014 liquid and substance spillage The Liquid and substances spillage can happen any time at and can up you in risk. For example if you are handling a liquid substance and you are not wearing the right PPE you can put yourself at risk and hurt yourself by liquid spillage. First the thing you need to do is wear the right PPE that is your gloves and masks and your visor that will protects you from any spillage and splatter. The thing you need to do is wear the right PPE to protect yourself from any risk and harms, so that no risk can occur around you. Staffs and nurses and people the work in area that hold liquids and substances. Agues 21st 8/2014
Items on the floor Items on the floor can be one of the risk at a work places, for example if you leave a box on the floor without putting it in a safe place accidents an happen from that you can trip over and hurt yourself. First you need to put the item that you left on the floor in a safe room that is safe and no accident can happen from leaving the item. You need to tell the person that is in charge of the is left there item e tell them to put it some were safe so that no one can get hurt or trip over it. By the person that is in charge of the item or the delivery Agues 24th 8/2014
Sharp items Sharp items can have a high risk on the person that is handing the sharp item if the person doesn’t know how to dispose it. First you need to wear the right PPE and knowing what to do with the sharp items that you are holding in your hand, and also you need to put it in the right places, in the disposable bin that is provide for you in the surgery or any were out of the surgery. Some one