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Cursive needs to die
By: Kellen Moynihan
Cursive is a novelty of the past. The time used in learning and practicing cursive could be used for useful skills like reading and math. Schools around the nation have gave it up in order to get better test scores and better students. We can keep up with the rapid evolution of technology.
The age of cursive has met its tragic, but definite end.
We don’t need cursive now that we have can type. Typing is a faster, cheaper, and more efficient way of communicating. We would be stupid not to switch over to typing. It saves forests that we desperately need in these times and cuts down on logging. Typing is easier to read and understand for most people because there handwriting might be different or messy. People with disabilities can’t write cursive well or even at all. The elder might have trouble with the hand movement. For typing in long hours, typing is much easier on your hands because the strokes are much more natural.
We can improve our nations much needed math and reading scores by focusing our time on that at young ages. National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy now tests online in Australia and have high reported scores than before. 41 states across the country have cut cursive from its common core standards. Cursive will get you nowhere in the real world but being a fast typer can land you a well paying stable job, with this technology evolution. Technology is advancing at a rapid pace and switching to typing will give us an advantage to keep up with it. Some people say we will eventually go back to cursive, but did we ever go back to ink and quill when the pencil

was invented? Some people say that the Constitution was written in cursive so you should learn cursive, but that was just the tech that was available.
You are still able to learn cursive online or by your parents, but it is a skill that doesn’t belong in