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Curtsey doesn’t apply

Comparing United States entertainment industry to the one in Korea is completely different in how we choose to broadcast elderly (grandparents) characters.
The United States entertainment industry insist on having shows such as “Teen Mom”, “16 and pregnant”, “The Simpsons”, “The King of Queens” illustrating that there grandparents of the children take all responsibility for there children’s child or that all grandparents are some sort of poor dumbfounded person with a terrible past and is the reason to why there kids act so ill of them; while in Korean entertainment industry has shows such as “Creating destiny”, “I do, I do”, “Panda and Hedgehog”, that grandparents are ones being taken care of and what they say goes. You are to respect them at all time or else you’re no longer part of their family.
As long as I can remember treating elders with respect was one of the most important rules to follow while growing up. Though while exploring Chicago more I noticed that many don’t have the curtsey to treat elders with respect. Witnessing even people close to me talking poorly of there grandparents over social medias, having them stand on the bus while sitting, having them cook for them, doing house chores, or even sending them to a facility for the elderly even when they don’t want to. Is it the entertainment industry in America’s fault that we’re lacking one doing the most common curtsey?
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