Customer Analysis Essay

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Customer Analysis

Customer analysis is an important and critical section in the company business plan or marketing plan. The analysis is using to identify the target customer, make the strategic and ascertains the needs of these customers, and specifies the product that satisfies these needs. The customer analysis and customer profile is a simple tool to help the business better understand and investigate the trend and the potential customers, therefore the company can increases the sales and grow the business. The analysis is a collection data to analysis the customer information and behavior to determine why the customer buy or don’t buy a product. The analysis also helps the company to develop the targeted marketing plan and ensure
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Base on this strategy, Starbucks are offering the superior product and service to attract the consumers. So that, Starbucks wants for their customers to enjoy on their product, the service providing make them achieve the goals. Moreover, Starbucks made their coffee have a great quality. In the concept of consumer behavior, the quality of product is important. Once the consumers saw the brand, can make them feel smoothly and comfortable, that is also the one of the consumer behavior that the Starbucks's marketer created attitude from the consumers.

Competitor analysis

Competitor analysis is devoted to analyzing the company competition. The competition is the current competition and the potential competitors who might enter the market. If the business has profit, there will have the competitor. So, the company needs to understand the strengths and weaknesses of the competition and the potential competition. It is critical to making sure the business survive and grows. (Haden)
The Starbucks is the business in food and beverage. So, the Starbucks main competitors are the coffee shop and the quick service restaurants. This is the meaning that there are an abundant amount of competitors in the specialty coffee beverage industry. The company believes that its customers choose among retailers primarily on the basis of product, price, service, and convenience. In recent, Starbucks has