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Unit two: Principles of providing administrative services


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Please note that this Assessment document has 9 pages and is made up of 9 Sections.

Name: Claire Whitbread

Section 1 – Understand how to make and receive telephone calls

1. Complete the table below with descriptions of at least two different features of a telephone system and how / when they would be used.

|Feature |How / when used |
|1. |You can put an incoming call on hold and transfer the caller to |
|Call Transfer |another phone. This is used to direct a call to its right location. |
| |Using an “announced” call transfer system would make sure the |
| |desired recipient would be aware of the call and who they would be |
| |talking to. This would be a positive customer service as the |
| |customer would not have to wait for the correct recipient and would |
| |have to repeat information already given. |
|2. |This is a telephone meeting where someone sets up a call party with |
|Conference Calling |more than one called person. This allows more people to be involved |
| |in a call. Enabling people from different departments, offices, and |
| |countries to be included in meeting discussions. You can set up a |
| |call party so that the called parties can have fall interaction or |
| |just listen in on a call. This is a great benefit for a business as |
| |it means more business influence can be involved in business |
| |decisions faster and more cost effectively. |

2. Prepare a brief report advising people on:

• How to follow organisational procedures when making and receiving telephone calls • The purpose of giving a positive image of yourself and your organisation when making and receiving telephone calls.

If possible, use specific information from procedures in your own organisation (or one that you are familiar with).

When making telephone call you should;
Know who you are calling-making sure you have the correct name, telephone number/ extensions.
Know the purpose for making the call- Have all the correct questions ready with resources to note the relevant responses.
Be aware of your actions- Talk in a clear, friendly and positive manner and ask for people or advice politely.
Give precise knowledge of where you are calling from and why you are calling.