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Thatcher Warick
Business Plan
Final Project

Executive Summary
TDW’S Saddles and Tack, (hereinafter “Business”) is intended to be formed as a Sole Proprietorship located at 5586 Heritage Court Drive, Wilmington, Delaware, 19805 poised for rapid growth in the accessories industry. This Business seeks funding to take advantage of a window of opportunity for introducing a new style of handmade leather goods. This business has the potential to dominate the market.
Vision Statement
The vision of TDW’s Saddles and Tack is to create products that are both affordable and helpful to the community. Such products will promote an enjoyable riding experience for all types of horse riders. The goal of the business is to work with every individual to ensure specific needs are satisfied.
Mission Statement
TDW’s Saddles and Tack is focused on providing unique and custom leather goods for the showman and the rancher. We are committed to maintain excellence and great customer service in order to establish a high reputation. All saddles and resources used will always be American made.
Business Organization
The Business will be owned and run as a sole proprietorship with no more than two employees because of the amount of knowledge needed to craft each product.

Overview of current business
The Business is a start-up business, providing clients with handmade leather goods. Right now there are four customers who are individually buying at least $200 of merchandise. Current advertising includes posters placed at the bus stops, and customer referals.
Products Produced
The Business will create custom leather products for western related activities. The types of products made out of leather are bridals, chaps, saddles, spur straps, boots, purses, wallets, vests, and any other items customers need. The Business has a window of opportunity to introduce its products and gain a significant profit.
Industry overview
There are few competitors that offer custom leather accessories. Leather accessories are very lucrative because people will pay more for customized items. The Business would only be influenced by seasonal factors that affect our customers. Since the demand for leather items crosses many different types of horse riders the seasonal fluctuations will be minimal. It will be home based to start out and when the money is raised it will move into a shop.
Marketing Strategy Advertisements will appear in all local newspapers and there will be an online store for busy people. Coupons and discounts will be mailed to every customer who chooses to give their email to the business. The main target markets are horse trainers, riders, and farmers. Trainers will receive special discounts to recognize their constant buying habits. Riders can bring coupons and get discount repairs on their leather items. Farmers will get