Customer Loyalty Essay

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Customer’s Loyalty

Because of the ease navigation via the internet, consumers now have so many choices when they are ready to make their buying decisions. They are no longer relied on the interruption-based advertising message to create top of mind awareness. With one mouse click they can be easily connected to any online networking markets. Let us face the realty! The emerging of online social networking industry into the global marketplace has greatly impacted the way consumers conducted businesses. In fact customer loyalty concepts may be of great interest for companies to increase their competitive advantage, and draw more profits for their shareholders. To better understand this concept, let us consider one of the online social media networking industries, Twitter. Social media networking industry has become a phenomenon in today's competitive business market. Winning customer loyalty is very critical in business operation to generate profits. Twitter is a proven social media networking industry for customer loyalty. A recent study shows that companies that use Facebook and Twitter for their marketing advertising are more likely to improve their competitive advantage. In fact, Twitter and Facebook users are some of the most frequent internet users in general. The study shows that Twitter users are more likely to buy brands they see on twitter and recommend them. About 84% of Twitters users will tweet the brand they read and recommend them to friends and relatives (Chadwick Martin Bailey, 2011). In addition companies that use Twitter to promote their brands have a great marketing hedge over their competitors.
As the market competition is growing stronger, it is very critical for companies to retain their existing customers. Customer loyalty is playing a very important role in the marketing strategy. In fact cost advantage is one of the very important factors linking to customer’s loyalty. A business that cannot maintain its cost advantage in a recession period will be more likely difficult to maintain its customer loyalty. In this case it is very important to create discount program to retain customers. Twitter has offered variety of loyalty schemes to customers aiming at differentiating from other social media networking industries. Twitter management understands that, “getting regular customers on their side meaning a great difference between them and other social network marketing media”. Companies with the lack of differentiation within its loyalty benefit program will lose their competitive edge.
Organization need to develop good research strategy, development and innovation in order to make success of a differentiation. They need to have the abilities to deliver high quality of goods and services, and maintain and effective sale marketing to make customer loyalty their primary