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Improving the Customer’s Experience
Team A
Operations Management/571
January 7, 2013
Dr. John Grabarczyk

Improving the Customer’s Experience
Recruitment and Selection To effectively carry out the functions of any organization, you need a high quality workforce. You need employees who are competent, responsive and highly motivated. Attracting the right candidate require an organization to continually seek, attract, select, and retain based on the merit of the best qualified for the job. Recruitment and selection is a process of attracting, screening, selecting, and on-boarding a qualified candidate within or outside an organization (Friend, 2013).
What prompts a recruitment request? A number of factors may cause the initiation of a recruitment or staffing request: * An employee within the organization retires, transfers outside the agency or is reassigned to a different position within the organization due to a promotion * Large workload and shortage of personnel * Temporary / seasonal employees needed to help with a short term project One of several problems with the recruitment and selection process within the federal government for candidates seeking employment is the application process is long, tedious and confusing. An average recruitment, screening, selection, and onboarding process for the federal government is approximately four to six months and sometimes longer. Organizations have operations set in place to determine if processes are efficient. “Statistical process control is a set of strategies used for discovering and correcting inefficiencies in processes,” (Statistical Process Control website, 2011). This paper will review the current recruitment and selection process for the U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development agency and make recommendations to improve the customer’s experience when applying for a job within this government agency. Before a position for a job is advertised, the Human Resources department works with the Director and hiring managers to create a new job description, or ensure the job description for the vacancy is current and accurate. Reviewing a job description when a job opens is an efficient procedure to continually improve an organization’s structure as well as evaluate competencies and wages for the position. This process currently takes thirty days but may be shortened to five days. If a job description has already been created and approved and is listed a valid authorized position assigned to an organization, the job description should only need review to identify minor changes to the specific job functions and immediately forwarded to Headquarters for final approval to advertise and post to USAJOBS. Once Headquarters receives the request, it takes another thirty days or review before the request is approved and posted to USAJOBS, a federal government website. The candidates applying for the position in this case are the customers. The current guidelines and process for applying for a government job is extremely intimidating to someone who has never worked for the federal government. The process is so difficult and frustrating, a lot of potential applicants simply give up and decide the lengthy confusing process is not worth the hassle and they seek to pursue other opportunities outside the federal government. The current process for any applicant applying for a federal government job is to log onto the federal government job website, USAJOBS.COM. Next the applicant has to create a “username and password” to establish an online account that will store the resume and other supporting documents needed to evaluate the required qualifications. The applicant has to complete a series of federal government forms as well as provide college transcripts and military documentation if the applicant is claiming to be a military veteran. The applicant must also provide a current resume, and a list of