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Department of Customer Relations
Orrtrisha Frederick
Broward College Customer Relations Department
My department has been offering outstanding customer services all through. There are some reasons why we were voted as the best department in the entire organization. This organization offers satisfactory responds to all customer questions and in terms of order entry, the department has shown a tremendous record. Furthermore, all the complaints concerning the level of services offered to customers are answered and dealt with well. My responsibility to ensure that the customer relations department is cooperating and relating with customers courteously has been satisfactory according to the performance report that was produced recently.
Additionally, one of the ways to ensure that there is effective customer satisfaction is to ensure that all the staff is involved. All the staff that is under my supervision has shown superior customer experience when it comes to serving our customers. They have developed listening skills to understand the needs of the customer independently, this is our customers are very valuable to this organization. They have also continued to sharpen themselves as well as exposing themselves to new opportunities that enable them to learn new skills. These skills ensure that they serve all our customers well and solve their complaints too.
My experience as a director in the customer service department has also contributed to the success of this department as well. I always update myself on the developments in customer services that affect the organization. I attend conferences, workshops and all panels that address