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| Customer Relationship Management | Case study in CS521 Class on Winter season | | 14 Lae Young Kim / 09 Mark Derias | | 3/7/2013 |


1. What is CRM (Customer Relationship Management Systems)? If you have products, or develop goods that you want to sell, you may need and want to know and understand people whom you want to sell to. How can you get some information of these people, what they want to buy, what they need, what they prefer and what they would like? Even how can customer are satisfied by your service and products Customer Relationship management System can help you are able to get these information and make your customer satisfy. CRM helps organization to manage relationship with their customers through work flow such as collecting, analyzing, marketing, and measuring. Collecting is one of essential process to obtain over customer’s basic data such as name, age, address, gender, and so on. Furthermore, it acquires transaction data and information such as time, date, price, quantity, item, and so on. Even, some CRM using sophisticated application collect information what customer prefers to visit and see. Analyzing is second step in CRM processing. Data and information collected and stored in database or warehouse are used by marketer analyzing so that find purchasing pattern and predict customer future behavior. It can offer some benefits to make decision on marketing. Marketers depend on the analysis promote her or his products through lots of way such as Internet, Email and telemarketing. And then the marketers contact their customers who purchase products so that they are able to know the result of promotion and how much their customers are satisfied from the goods. CRM not only help these process automatically, CRM but also improve result and effect on marketing through measuring the marketing and promotion. It can help refine next promotion and marketing. 2. How can make CRM success. I try to explain nine step that make CRM success. First step is that define customer who are our customer. In order to define and discover our customer, we must collect customer information such as location, contact point and purchasing history, and customer attributes. Theses information are stored and saved in Database and Data warehouse by ERP system or TPS. Therefore CRM system has to integrate with other Information Systems. Second step is creating a Business case. To understand how successful and effective CRM implementation can be, creating a business case is essential. The business case involves business requirements, project costs and key performance indicators. Third step consider end user. End users are one of the most important to capturing and creating customer information. To make CRM successful have to take in consideration how different users will use the CRM system and what users needs. Fourth step is communication channels. To keep high customer satisfaction levels and interaction costs down, we have to have varies communication channels such as phone, email, web, and self service. These can help company to enable more cost effective and smarter marketing, better customer service because our customer service team interacts with customer that anytime, anywhere, anyhow wish to be engaged. Fifth step is sale effectiveness. CRM system has to be used as a sale coach. Sale systematic process is able to improve selling capability and sales revenues. Sixth step is measuring benefits of marketing. CRM system has to provide function that marketing manager is able to understand the measureable benefits of any marketing activity, how much revenue was generated because of the activity. Seventh step is the loyalty effect. CRM system has to be able to improve customer loyalty and satisfaction. CRM system not only helps one customer service team manage process, the customer information but also is able to be shared with other customer team in the organization. Eighth step is that choose the