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Restaurant Waiting Times Influence Our Dinning Experience

Customer Service has decreased in the last decade. Many factors influence customer satisfaction. In the restaurant business, waiting time is an important factor. Short waiting times result in high customer satisfaction. On the other hand, when a restaurant lets customers wait a long time before they get the service, customers will be dissatisfied. For example, in some restaurants, when customers arrive, at the beginning, the host will ask them to wait around 30 minutes, but 30 minutes just for waiting to get the beeper. After customers get the beeper, the host will tell them to wait another period of uncertainty time, in order to get seats. This situation will make customers feel this waiting period never ends and cause their anxious feeling.

Waiting times has become a random and created higher management demand to control this from becoming a business problem. Johye Hwang states that Iidentifying attitudinal differences between stayers and defectors are important in establishing a deeper understanding of customer satisfaction and loyalty research. (Hwang December 2008) Both managers and academics often use global customer attitudes, such as customer satisfaction and behavioral intentions, as determinants of customer loyalty.

Research on the improvements needed to comply with the demand of everyday patrons.
The assumption is that customer satisfaction and/or behavioral intentions are valid, and accurate, predictors of actual loyalty behaviors. The study compares customer