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Customer service is the heart of any and every business. Without good customer service a company will lose customers and spend more to gain new ones. The cost to provide outstanding customer service far outweighs the cost to replace a customer. I chose to do my customer service study on a local Target store. I have frequented this store many times and have been more content with Target than their competitors.
I find several things about Target to be positive experiences. The store is always clean and in order. This includes the dressing areas, the shelves, the racks, the snack bar, and even the restrooms. By keeping their entire store clean they are setting the image of a more upscale department store as compared to some of their competitors.
Target normally has a large variety of items in most of their departments. The shelves are stocked well and very neat and orderly. When they have an item on sale they make sure there is an abundance of the item as to not run out prior to the sale end. One of the major pet peeves of customers is to go to a store to purchase a sale item and it is not in stock. The money they would have saved from purchasing the item on sale can be lost by the drive to the store only to find they do not have the item. This could cause a customer to take their business to a competitor that makes sure items are in stock.
Another positive about Target is the ability to recognize an employee. Their employees wear red polo shirts and tan pants and also have