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Customer Service in the Hospitality Industry
Brandie Pino
Le Cordon Bleu
July 14, 2013
Instructor Ruth Smith

Customer Service in the Hospitality Industry Many people experience customer service within the hospitality industry daily. People will encounter both negative and positive experiences while dining out with family and friends, or on a business trip staying at a hotel. When pursuing a career in the hospitality industry, it is up to us to take every negative experience that we encounter and learn from it. We can then take the positive experiences and build upon them, thus becoming creative and innovative. The most positive customer service experience that I have experienced was recently at Red Lobster in Denver, Colorado. My mother and I were greeted with a warm friendly smile and escorted to our seats. Our drinks were brought out immediately along with our appetizers. We witnessed a man choking on his food, when this happened the servers quickly helped the man clean up his mess and even got him a new plate of food. What I liked the most was that the manager of the restaurant wanted to make sure that the man was okay and that he was enjoying his meal once again. I was very pleased with this dining experience because the customer service was exceptional. I have been experiencing some very poor customer service at a local Denny’s. First off I was not seated properly, the waitress got my order wrong and did nothing to fix it, and my steak was bleeding throughout my plate of corn and what was supposed to be my mashed potatoes and gravy. The worst part of this negative experience was when the server brought out her food and right in front of me she began scarfing her pancakes down her throat. When it was time to pay for the meal I refused to pay the bill. It was disgusting and not what I ordered! Then I found out that the server added things to my bill that was not supposed to be. This was the most negative experience that I have ever encountered. One business technique that can turn the negative experience into a positive experience is to empathize. I have been in several encounters with guest who are angry and the best way that I have found to diffuse the