Customer Service Essay

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Customer Service
What is customer service?
Customer service is the service provided to customers before, during and after purchasing and using goods and services.
Handling a crisis
Keep calm and do not get angry
Do not make any rash decisions
If the problem cannot be solved by you, ask someone else instead of giving the customer wrong information
How to solve a problem
Keep calm
Remember your training
If that does not work try to remember if you had any past experiences that were similar and how did you solve it
Next use the strategy: 2B4ME
Ask a Buddy
Only if not, ask the Boss; the Manager
Result of losing customers
Loss of reputation
Loss of sales
Loss of jobs that clients provide
Negative publicity
Risk of prosecution
Loss in profits
Communication is the process in which information, ideas, understanding are shared between two or among people.
Two types of them:
Verbal communication: (Spoken, oral and unwritten)
Nonverbal communication (Body languages)
Lack of Communication can lead to Customer Dissatisfaction
How to communicate with customers? use your body language to influence people. listen as much as talk.
UNDERSTAND each and every word from customer.
Do not do
Poor communication
Not listening to customers and their requirements
Lack of staff training
Lack of monitoring systems in place
Not reviewing policies
Short-term solutions
Not learning from mistakes
Not dealing with complaints