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Assessment 5 : Project 1
It is nesserary that everyone in the Organisation understands that the customer pays their wages. If the customer is not happy/satisfied with the product/service you offer there will always be a competiter who can provide what the customer needs.
You should identify the customers needs, deliver a service to them and monitor and report on service delivery.
Communicating plays a big role in customer service. When communicating with a customer you should listen activly to what the customer is saying, provide an oppotunity for the customer to confirm their request, question to clarify and confirm their needs, seek feedbackfrom the customer to confirm understanding of their needs.
Understanding and meeting urgency needs of customers is part of the relationship building process, eg loyalty and treating the with respect. By building their trust your making them comfortable enough to return back to your service.
When you first approach a customer you should always be professional, have a possitive attitude and high standards.
Knowing your products and finding out customers needs will also keep your customers happy and they will keep returning. Always let the customer know that you may have other products that they can choose from if you dont have the specific one they are looking for.
You should always keep a professonal standard at all times wether it be an internal or external customer. Never get angry or raise your voice at any time.
If i cant help the customer, ill let them know that i am unable to help them with their needs and i will get someone with more knowledge and experience to assit them and answer any questions they have.
To provide prompt service to customers you should communicate with them, give them information about your organisation and about the product and service you supply, ask them what they want and get feedback from them.
Rapport is about highlighting common intrerests and establishing a mutual feeling of freindliness. Your customer will learn to trust you if you do what you say. Keep your commitments, call when you say you will and always follow through. Becareful not to make promises you might not be able to keep.
When dealing with a customers complaint you should remember its not always personal. You must be paicent and listen to them properly so you understand what the complaint is really about. Once you have listened to their concern immediatly empathize with their position to create a bond between you and the customer, so that they know you have heard their concern and are going to work with them to resolve the issue.
Alot of customers have specific needs. You could help them by asking them what product they are looking for, what are…