Customer Service and Apple Essay

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In this task I am going to be assessing the impact of various sales techniques and approaches to customer service in a specific organisation. I will start this by looking at how the business use different aspects of customer service to achieve the highest customer satisfaction possible. I shall use research to see if that has resulted in a positive or negative outcome for the company. I will use the disadvantages to give any improvements that I might have for the business. I will then look at the sales techniques that this business use to target customers, and the impact that this has had on the business. Then finally, I shall suggest more improvements for the company on this subject. I have chosen to discuss Apple, Inc. again.
In the previous assignment, I discussed about how Apple, Inc. have invested a lot of time and money into developing their electronical devices over the years to help them meet the requirements of the customers and to satisfy them. By comparing the different iPhone models from the 2G all the way up to the 6/6 Plus, you can see the leaps and bounds that Apple have taken to make sure that the mobile device is going to satisfy the customers. In the image below, you can see all of the iPhone models that have been created over the space of years. Whether or not you are a fan of the company and their products, anyone has to admit that this company has made astounding changes to the iPhone over the years. The newest phones are very different to the oldest ones, they are now designed with the customer’s needs as a priority.
However, it is important to let the consumers do the talking so we can look at the real advantages and disadvantages of Apple’s market research and product development. I am going to be looking at review of the iPhone 5s and the iPhone 6 to see how much the product changed in the space of a year, and whether or not this proved to be successful for them. I was able to find the opinions and views of various consumers on this following website [1] iPhone 6 vs. iPhone 5S: Should you upgrade? (Online: 2015), many different consumers were very pleased with the differences between the iPhone 6 and its ancestor: the iPhone 5S. One of the main reasons that people gave was that that they really liked the size and feel of the phone, as well as the hardware upgrades, better camera, smoother interface and new software. For this reason I am going to say that a major advantage of what Apple have done here is that the company have achieve customer satisfaction. Many consumers seemed very happy with the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus, which shows that the company have fulfilled their purpose. Another advantage to what Apple have done is that they managed to make record breaking profit from the iPhone 6. [2] According to: Apple posts $18 billion profit, the largest in its history. (Online: 2015), the business managed to generate a total of $18 billion in revenue in the final quarter of 2014 because of the release of the iPhone 6. This evidence proves another major advantage to Apple’s focus on customer satisfaction within their product development departments. One disadvantage to Apple’s development is that the company seemed very focused on making the iPhone 6 one of the slimmest mobile phones on the market. So much in fact that they created what is apparently quite a weak phone. Many consumers made reports that their mobile devices were bending in their pockets because the phone is so slim, [3] According to: Why the iPhone 6 bends and why it wouldn’t be an issue if Apple addressed it properly. (Online: 2014). Obviously, the recommendation that I would give to Apple here is to do more testing before even thinking about putting and electronical device on the market. The company could give these devices to members of staff for everyday testing, if this had been done then Apple could have resolved this issue.
The customer service in any Apple store is brilliant, and it becomes more of a social area than