Essay on Customer Service and Electronic Marketing Resources

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Emarketing hw week2

Chpt 5 question 2

From what you have learned in this and previous chapters, list five business activities that you can accomplish by putting your company on the Internet. Give specific examples of electronic research, communications, or transactions and what their purpose is.

Communications, transactions activities, and information research are all activities that can be accomplished by exposing Internet to a company as well as other opportunities as well. Electronic marketing resources introduce previously unheard of speed and accuracy as well as help to build a person to person relationship unavailable through mass media such as television, radio, or newspaper messages (Reed, Schullo, 2004). Internet has also brought polling to companies by using web addresses. Very common are sports programs asking trivia questions to viewers and award prizes to the first person to log on to the programs web site or email address with the correct answer (Reed, Schullo, 2004). Activities start with the situation analysis and then the discoveries forge the future strategies of marketing planning. Email is a positive performance enhancing resource that has worked its way throughout companies and while email continues to be the most popular internet activity at 93%, an increase in internet shopping is noteworthy (Reed, Schullo, 2004). Internet shopping has been growing more in the recent years because of the convenience of doing so in your home, websites like amazon make it easy to make purchases and find them for low prices as well as fast delivery which is another activity that can revolutionize a company. Many companies are interested in their customers purchase habits and preferences and are developing detailed databases to track purchase activities, past behavior will usually predict future actions and information such as this can help managers manage future sales or merchandising events, manage inventory levels, or track brand movement (Reed, Schullo, 2004).

Chpt 6 question 7

In your opinion, what would be the top two attributes of competitive advantage for the following businesses that are establishing for the following businesses that are establishing a Web awareness?

To build cyber awareness for customers, marketers must find a way to attract prospects to using their product and service and by doing so there must be a way that customers may benefit in some sort of way that stands out from other related businesses. If it were to be a chain of flower shops, 2 attributes in my opinion would be to offer package discounts if buying more than one bouquet of flowers thatcan benefit both the consumer and seller since the consumer will receive more in product for a much lesser price and the seller makes more in revenue. And also using a strong branding image creates a strong face of the company that will attract customers to continue to make purchases through this certain company knowing that they can get the best deals in flowers. A manufacture of sticky notes can attract customers by first sending samples to prospective buyers before they make purchases. Sampling might include partnering with a complimentary product or service to appeal to a similar market (Reed, Schullo, 2004). This company can also take advantage of a strong brand image as an attribute for this company to be successful, with a brand that honors the best product for sticky notes and offering free samples to determine that, they will surely become successful using these attributes. I can see a hospital bill reviewing service using memberships as an attribute for their company. I see that this approach will allow users to take advantage of discounted services rather than paying a more expensive price because this service can be very useful to users. Hospital bills can be very expensive and for those that unfortunately deal with these expensive can find that a company that reviews hospital bills cn become useful and less stressful