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I am as the supervisor of six customer service representatives for a 30 telecommunications company, I have found that one member of my team, Michael, has significant performance issues and is not adhering to organisational policy in several areas.
Some of the specific issues the review identified include:
He is aggressive and uses inappropriate language with customers
He is leaving customers on hold while he takes bathroom breaks
He is regularly late, leaves early, and takes excessively long lunches, which is putting pressure on the other team members
He has trouble dealing with "difficult" customers
He seems to be genuinely unaware of several key areas of organisational policy

Objective : * Make a formal feedback meeting with Michael, make sure he understand the performance standard for his job. * Provide feedback about his unsatisfactory performance issues, and imagine about how will he react (what his reaction is), telling him what is my expectation, make him understand. * Organize training/coaching for him, correct his behaviour. * Develop an individual performance plan, identify specific KPI for him and the timeframe to meet this KPI. * Make a review to check his performance
Feedback meeting (personal) :
As a supervisor I will ask some questions to make sure if Michael understand the performance standard for his job, if he understand all clearly, I will move on to the reasons why he is not meeting the performance standards consistently. And if he is not I will re-tell him again all the performance standards he need to meet.
Feedback on his unsatisfactory performance issues, telling him the effect of his unsatisfactory performance, what I expect him to do, and listen to his reactions and provide the problem solvings :
Supervisor : Michael, I’d like to discuss your behaviour, as you know when serving the customer you have to make them happy, so you have to use good language but I found that you are aggressive and use the inappropriate language. It looks as though wedont care about our clients and we could lose our business if our customers think we don’t value them.
Michael : I am sorry, and I will change my behaviour I will improve my communication skill as required in the performance standard.
Supervisor : that’s good, and I hope you’ll be improved immediately. And I also found that you hold customers while taking your bathroom break, you are not allowed to do that, and you should have known that in KPI the maximum time you can hold a customer is 5 minutes..So I need you to change this, not to do that again.
Michael : yes but I have no option so I had to hold the customers.
Supervisor : ok but if you find its not possible to not holding the customer you have to make someone on your line.
Michael : ok sir I will.
Supervisor : and you are regularly late, you also take your lunch break excessively. You’ll have to change and make sure you are on time. Because it does pressure the other team members, it caused inconfenience to another staff, John had to delay his lunch because of this I am hoping you to be a good staff and I think it not only benefit the company but also improving your self.
Michael : sorry I hadn’t realized, I’ll make sure to do that in future, and thanks for your feedback.
Supervisor : and I also found that you have troble when dealing with difficult customer. You as a customer service staff, it’s required for you to handle the customers, so in this case I’ll provide you a coaching, I need you to do that seriously.
Michael : yes sometimes I am not able to deal with difficult customers so I will do your coaching and do my best.
Supervisor : and the last is you have to follow all the key areas of organisational policy. I really need to do that because if you don’t follow you will not be able to measure and improve your performance. Thank you Michael for attending this meeting and listen to my feedback and expectation from you, I hope you can