Essay on Customer Service and Price Changes

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Judgment- job related important business decision.
I was called to customer service to assist a customer with a return. Customer was very upset she said it was the 3rd time she came to our store she wants her money back she is not leaving till she does. I apologized got and asked her to explain to me what the situation is. She had purchased two 1hour guarentee items totaling over $600. its one week till chrismas way passed the time the guarentee time. I asked her the name of the person that the spoke to before to gather more information on the matter. We were unable to find her order number therefore unable to refund the money. I was then informed that we were sheduled to receive a shipment the next day. she was not trusting of that. she wants her money back. she paid cash she wanted cash back. she didnt want another item she wanted her money back. I apologized and asked her to please be patient with me while I contact STS to figure out how we can process her return.She wanted to speak with them she decided to give them a call at the same time. I jokingly said that she would get through before I would. Coincidently she did. She started to explain the situation to representative. I could shee her getting more and more upset. I asked to speak to the representative to give her some time to calm down. The representative explained that the order was still processing she would have to cancel the order in order to get the refund in two day. I explained that to the customer she was not happy. she said she was not leaving till she get her cash back. she threatened to return all her puchases she calling her sister and she is returning everything. I asked to speak with the sts supervisor. while waiting I contacted my co-manager offered my suggestion Since it was just the matter of when the refund can be done not if. can we give the customer the refund from the C.O. have her sign. and we wait the two days it takes to process then refund the C.O. he said ok. I spoke to sts supervisor got his name contact information asked him to cancel the order. I then explained to the customer what Im going to do. She left happy thanking me.
Customer centered. Delivered High quality Customer Service.
The other day two associates contacted me about two infant swings in our clearance area with no price. I asked the customer to give me one moment so I can find her the price and get her a barcode to scan. feel free to continue to shop our clearance area while you wait. I asked to two associates to follow me. I showed them how to access on the wire. We looked up the product from the instruction manual inclosed. after we found the upc. we printed the label for the product. it was accually and Item from and up and coming modular priced at 26.93. I told the customer that I will give it to her for $20 dollars she was happy with that the told me she had twins and puchased both swings.
Execution- critical project with heavy work load.
Every inventory. Apparel is swamped with task of prepparing for inventory. depanding on when the date it lands we also have price changes and modulars. First thing I do is meet with my department managers and my assistant and together we prioritize what to tackle first second. ect. next we put together a list of names of who we can pull to help with what then we schedule accordingly. We start with price changes splitting into two groups one doing the price change one garveying and ticketing missing lables. blitz out the mods. Next we prep all of the hanging then the prep the bins we usually save the salesfloor for last. as the sales associates are test scanning the sales floor I will have the dpt. managers go throught their checklist to ensure that we didnt miss anything.
Planning- work plans aligned with company initiatives and directions.
The biggest problem Apparel allways encounters it the freight flow. After our morning tour. I look over the TMAT and I get together with my dpt. managers and let them