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Assignment 4 1) If I was an employee at Petrie electronics I would like to work on this project to be able to know what products are being sold as well as time frames of the sales. For example if I was a floor salesman and knew that TVs get purchased right after income tax time I am able to research all upcoming TV deals and know what to tell people when they ask about them. Also if a new system is being placed as an employee I’d like to test it and give my feedback on the system and become familiar with the system. It is also a nice gesture to be able to keep tabs on valuable customers so we can make relationships with them to be able to boost sales as well as my commission. 2) If I was part of the management department at Petrie electronics; I would have no issue with approving the project. Jim has given all the information that a scope statement requires, and I do have some suggestions though. A brief description of the problem we are having without the new loyalty system would be able to allow management a better understanding of why implementing the project is essential. Also the objectives states, “… provide superior customer service by rewarding our most loyal customers” which is exactly what we want to do but I feel like we should try to make a connection with all of our customers and not just returning customers. Anyone that walks into Petrie electronics should feel like we want to help them with their needs and regardless of how long they have been shopping with us; they will get the best service and opportunities. 3) Some of the tangible cost pertaining to this project would be the cost of all the hardware that may be purchased to make the system, labor costs for the staff working on the project, training cost to implement the system correctly, and we also need to have some set of rewards set for people to want to join the program. The intangible costs for the project would be some loss of operation efficiency at the beginning of the project because, all the staff members must adapt to the new system and all new systems have their hiccups. This could also lead to employee moral going down if the system isn’t implemented well. Yet there are some intangible benefits to look forward to such as being able to compete with other companies that already have a loyalty program. We will also have more timely information on all of our customers to be able to track buying trends and necessity of products in our store. 4) A risk that may be associated with the product is if the system doesn’t work correctly such as customer points not allocating properly they customer will not enjoy they system if they have a hard time with it. This project has a high risk to it because we are trying to stay competitive with other companies as well as make our customers feel like an important part of our company. There will also be many resources used to finish the project and if the project is unsuccessful there is a lot of money wasted that could have been allocated somewhere else. As a team member I would be worried of running the risk of not making the deadline because, Jim is new to the company and I would be unsure of his abilities as a team manager. 5) When using the incremental commitment technique you reassess the project after every step of the SDLC. So while developing the BPP we can reassess the project and it would benefit us by making the new system better. If we stop to take a look at how the project is progressing we can make changes if need or if some new aspect or idea can be added to the project. 6) Economic feasibility analysis is used to aid management on deciding on which projects to go forward with. The economic feasibility of a project should be conducted right after the scope statement, so that the objectives or a vague plan is in place to be able to know how much benefits the project will be adding to the corporation. I think many of the economic feasibility factors are relevant; such as the