Customer Service and Social Media Essay

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This will help describe the effects of social media on the public as well as in sales. The people that are referenced within are describing how there sales job market.

Social Media: Effects on Marketing and the Public Social media has changed how we do our daily business. As far as humans have been introduced to products there has been a way to market them. The way producers market their products has only changed. All of the changes are not too bad; the use of social marketing has helped many salespeople sell their products. With social media salespeople have the ability to target more people. With the current use of social media at their fingertips, salespeople have embraced the use of it and made it work to their advantage. When Twitter celebrated five years, compared to its regular forms of marketing it had 150 million users in four years. (Raj Agnihorti, 2012) For such an achievement to happen so rapidly meant that social media was the way to go. Salespeople are an important to the company. Social media similar to Facebook, Twitter, and others like them help spread the word about products. Products cannot only be order from web sites one can also leave feedback on the product. Through social media purchasers may remain anonymous. (Rebeca Walker Naylor, 2012) With the consumer being an anonymous person, the company does not need to spend countless dollars to advertise; people will do it for them and relate how they like or dislike the product. If a certain brand of product is advertised, people may see someone portraying the object in question and a pictorial of it being used. (Rebeca Walker Naylor, 2012) If people notice that others like a certain brand, they tend to lean towards the brand themselves. Consumers have embraced social networking; they go to blogs to get information on products. They download applications on their smartphones, tablets and so on to make their social networking easier. (James "Mick" Andzulis, 2012) Life that involved radio and TV advertisement now has social media also. Social media isn’t only Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, but also companies deploying their own within. (James "Mick" Andzulis, 2012) Companies have realized that it is a tool, and encourage it among their salespeople. “Social media is said to contain more information than a person could get from reading the New York Times every week in the 1800’s.” (James "Mick" Andzulis, 2012) In the start companies didn’t know what the use of having the internet was for; now they wouldn’t think about opening an office without it. While the internet was still young, many brick and mortar business went to an electronic commerce (E-Commerce) model of doing business. (James "Mick" Andzulis, 2012) Sales evolution has certain phases as described here. Step one would be to establish a social media account, step two get people to visit the media site, but not tie it to sales yet, step three make it seem as a primary way for sales, and finally employee social media as a learning experience for all with real time sales and answers to questions. (James "Mick" Andzulis, 2012) Although social media is here, it still does not get rid of phone conversations or the general exchange of funds. (James "Mick" Andzulis, 2012) Although social media must be watched, so company’s reputations do not get ruined, they must not forget that the customers make the company. (James "Mick" Andzulis, 2012) For many years sales and marketing were thought of as one, social media has made them one. (James "Mick" Andzulis, 2012) With blogs people can say positive or negative comments about products from a company. Just as a company would not let their employees talk negatively about them, they have to monitor their blogs so others also don’t bash them too much. (James "Mick" Andzulis, 2012) With that being said, that part of a company will require more maintenance, and man power to make it efficient. (James "Mick"…