Customer Service and Southern New Hampshire Essays

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Marketing Analysis

Potential customers live in Southern New Hampshire as well as some parts of Maine and Massachusetts. Customers will come in pursuit of an adrenaline pumping real life combat simulation whether it is alone or with friends and family. Being one of the only paintball facilities in the region, as well as being unmatched in customer service and product quality Silver Paintball stands alone.

Silver Paintball’s target market will consist of action oriented individuals who are active and competitive. Attracting consumers from all locations within southern New Hampshire, creates a large potential in our consumer base. Silver Paintball will have automatic attraction from consumers because or our advantage of being the only paintballing complex within southern New Hampshire without competition. Our consumers will live in various regions of southern New Hampshire because of our broad market not concerning on locations.

Our consumer base will most likely be male and between the ages of 12 – 40 years old. Whole families will most likely not be our consumers but fathers and their sons will participate. Single individuals will most likely develop our consumer base. Being a fun and competitive paintball complex, our company will be a tremendously fun activity to interact in with friends. Individuals with any substantial income will be able to afford and participate in our company’s services. All religions, races, nationalities, and social classes will be able to be involved in our services as we don’t interfere with any.
Our psychographics will consist