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Certified Nursing Assistant

Betty J. Johnson

April 30, 2010

Customer Service is taking the time to listen to ones concerns by genuinely expressing interest, sympathy, and taking the time to find a solution to the problem. Someone who is sincerely caring, compassionate, understanding, and fair. It doesn’t matter if you have been on a job for twenty years, but if you do not have the compassionate to listen and be concern about someone besides yourself then you are in the wrong business. Being a CNA requires a strong will to help others regardless of what you have encountered or experienced. Once you have walk through those doors it's no longer about you, and you should then leave everything outside that door; which includes any problems you may have had cover the weekend, disputes with husband , boyfriend or anyone else. You cannot give quality care if you are focus on your problems or what she did or she said. Being in the healthcare profession requires special people with very special skills and as stated before that is caring, compassionate, understanding, genuinely expressing interest, fair, and sympathy. If for some reason you still don't get it ask the question

WWJD (What Would Jesus Do).

I will always be myself and that is not being selfish, and uncaring. I never know when, how, and who will have to care for me, and I would want someone to love me for who I am. I may be rude and ugly, but it's not me but rather my sickness that have gotten me to this point and I would want someone to look beyond that and give me the best care they possibly can. You