Customer Service: Providing Value-Added Service to Customers Essay

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Customer services acts as a bridge between a customer and the company. Being a customer, I would always expect a delighted service and less effort to put in order to meet my need. A customer service plays a crucial role in making loyal and returning customers. This specific assignment would be a great tool to measure the importance of customer service between a customer and company.
For instance, recently I went to Walmart to buy my regular goodies. I usually buy my cosmetics from Walmart. The first observation that I made as soon as I entered the cosmetics section I realized the staff was very busy with their task. They were rarely bothered about the existing customers who could have problems finding their needed products. None from the staff approached me from their own interest even if they would see any customer being puzzled with any product. Later on, when I asked them for assistance one of the staff approached me with an unfriendly attitude. The behavior of that staff made me so uncomfortable and disappointed that I felt I should not have asked them for any help. Specifically, this unfavorable behavior could be one of the main reasons for the customers not to come back in this specific retail store. Additionally, I observed she would behave in the same way with all the customers in the immediate environment. I have hardly seen any of the staff going to each and every customers in that specific section for any kind of assistance the customers might need. At one point, that specific lady form the staff started to yell to her colleagues as they did not do their task properly. This situation made the whole environment very awkward for the customers. If I would have to say about other sections, for instance the clothing section I experienced the same. I could barely see any staff helping their customers. From my observation, this would be the worst side of customer service where the staff is least concerned about their customers whether they need any help or not because a customer would not want to spend their whole time just to find one product they need. Getting into the positive side I observed that the system of paying the bills was much more organized and the cashiers were well trained and well behaved. The cashier of the cosmetics sections managed every single customer professionally which I appreciated the most being a customer. I could hardly see any hassle with paying the bills or standing in queue for a long time. From a customer’s perspective I would definitely suggest