Customer Value Marketing Essay

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This report based on the study of “Customer Value Marketing” starts with introduction section. We have mentioned the contents of the study in objectives of the report section.
The methodology section deals with the means of preparation of this report and the processes that we have followed.
Then the report describes the theoretical aspects of the study in the literature review. This section mainly consists of brief description about different important topics about customer value marketing.
Finally in the last section, the report is concluded with findings, bibliography and appendix over the topic. The appendix section contains some International Journals on Customer value marketing.
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4. Establishing an effective performance measuring system:

While implementing customer value strategy, companies continuously measure the performance with goal. Therefore, company should have an effective performance measuring system so that any deviation can be analyzed carefully.

5. Establishing the network marketing system:

With the help of network marketing system companies can understand customer’s needs in a better way and thus can strengthen the implementation of customer value strategy.

Rajagopal (2006) has established some hypothesis regarding customer value. They are as follows:
• Higher perceived value acquired by the customer help consumers to determine their buying decision on the non-conventional products of unfamiliar brands in the market.

• The brand value of the product is enhanced by developing the communication tools effectively by the firm which help augment the customer value by marginalizing the gap between consumer perception and product attributes.

• The brand value, quality of the product, competitive advantage and price along with other relational variables determine the customer value.

• The product attractiveness combined with the effective informational sharing and retailing services help augmenting by providing competitive advantage.

Here are some other hypothesis by Weinstein and Abratt (2009):
• There is a significant correlation between service received