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Tyler Ayres
Essay #7
Types of Customers Working at a baseball store has given me a chance to observe the different ways human beings behave. I like to think of the shoppers as kids in a candy store, as each person walks in you can the excitement in their faces when they see all the bats and gloves. Most of the customers follow a dependable route, walking up and down the aisles, checking out all the bats and gloves, as they hold and play with each item to get the feel of it. As I observed the each shopper I’ve came to the conclusion that there are many different types of customers. The first type of unusual shopper is one that I call the “aggressor”. He always seems to be finding something to ask a question about and expects to receive all the information he can receive on the product. He mutters things to himself as he tries to compare prices. When he finally makes it to my register and begins to checkout, he suddenly remembers the one ridiculous question that he forgot to ask. After my long answer He then resumes paying for his purchase while the customers waiting in line start to grumble impatiently. As he leaves the store I let out sigh of relief and hope I don’t run into another customer like that the rest of the day. Another type is Senior citizens as they usually mean well, I guess, but they can also try my patience. One man stops by several times a week, more to pay a visit than to shop. He walks into store as people greet and talk to him. After he has to talk to most of the employees about local sports and baseball, he then slowly begins to walk around store asking questions about the new items that he wants to purchase for his grandkids. As I explain to them about the item our conversation usually drifts off onto another baseball related subject. As he checks and the conversation comes to an end I look at him and say my goodbye and watch him walk out the door, as I wait for next week when ill see him again Even more annoying is someone I call the “mom shopper”. You can tell that she plans he trip days in advance. She enters the store with a purse on her arm and with all of her little kids following in behind her. Like a soldier