Essay about Customs: United States Marine Corps

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Boarding a small boat or entering a car the junior marines enter first and fill up the seats or spaces that beginning forward leaving the most desirable seat for thee senior, seniors enter last and leave first. Marine’s hymn whenever the marines hymn is played or sung, all marines rise to their feet and remain standing during the rendition of the music. January 1 of each year the marine band serenades the commandant of the Marine Corps at his quarters and received hot buttered rum and breakfast in return. We do this as commencing with the new year’s day of the civil war. Whenever an officer is promoted he or she customarily holds a “wetting-down party.” This is because as the new commission is said to be “wet down”. When a few different officers are promoted at once they often have a single wet-down party. When the commanding officer of a marine says “I wish” or “I desire” these are expressions have the force of a direct order and should be acted upon as if he or she had given a direct order. One trait that has made the Marine Corps such a respected organization is the custom of marine’s leaders looking out for their men. A true marine leader makes sure his men are comfortably clothed, housed, and justly treated. For example, in the field a marine officer takes position in the mess line after all the enlisted me in order to insure all men get their food. A real marine leader never leaves a wounded or dead amrine on the battlefield to fall into the hands of the enemy. It is all part of our honor our courage our commitment to the corps. Our most proud and or greatest custom inn the Marine Corps is actually just as plain and simple as being a marine. It is with great pride and honor to hold the title of United States marine and everything that comes with it, the trust the responsibility the sense of pride…