Cutie: Monk and Real Estate Law Essay

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The Prioress (NUN) * Coy ( flirtatious, modest) * Known as Madam Egtantyne * Tried to exude grace, manners, and sophistication, but spoke a very poor quality of French * Owned hunting dogs (not proper of her) yet was upset overly upset when Meuse died
* Riding a horse, which he was not to do * Ignored rules of his order * Was “progressive” but supposed to be poor * Lazy * Owned dogs, which he was not to do * Expensive clothing (fur on sleeve) when monk is to be poor * Fat (opposite of his vows) * Glittering, bulging eyes (physiognomy)
* “fixed up” marriages * “intimate” with city dames * Claimed to have license from the Pope to hear confessions- changed money as penance * Gifts to girls * Knew taverns and barmaids well * White neck, lisp (physiog.) * Wanton (lecherous) * Would butt down doors with his head * Begged money even from poorest, whom poorest , whom he was to help

Merchant * Forking beard (physiognomy) * Gave many opinions * Dabbled in exchanges * Seemed stately but * Was in debt and no one knew it from the way he talked * Is satirized * Note that he the satire here is not as strong as it was to Monk, Friar, and Prioress. Why was his satire so light for the middle class and the nobility, yet so harsh for religious?
Oxford Cleric (student) * Hollow look * Threadbare clothing * Could not find a job in the church * Was…