Cutting Art Programs In Schools

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Many schools across the country have cut their art programs due to major funding cuts by state government’s struggling to balance their own budgets in this economic downturn. It is said that more than 95% percent of students are attending schools that have cut funding for the arts program. There are some schools in wealthier neighborhoods who have had the opportunity to raise a little money to provide for the losses but there are also schools in less wealthy neighborhoods who have not.
The schools who have the lower income families have almost or completely cut their arts and music programs. The art and music programs are the first ones to take these harsh budget cuts. Some districts don’t have anything left to cut from these programs because
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The art programs have also been proven to give inspiration and expression for students who are at-risk. It helps to improve many students outlook on education. The arts that have made a good impact and motivated the student included a supportive environment that encourages acceptance of constructive criticism and knowing when it is safe to take risk.
These are programs are also very significant for those even in kindergarten or are of a young age. It provides children with the opportunity to learn new vocab including words for shapes and colors and it also helps build onto their motor skills. Statistics show that kids who are exposed to art throughout their childhood will inevitably grow up to become more thoughtful, valuable, and also highly educated students, workers, and citizens.
We can see from all the statistics how necessary it is and it’s extremely important that these funding cuts stop. Schools should stop focusing on the fact that all we need is science, math, literature, and history. Although all that is important and we need to know it we also need these art programs. The arts don’t just build academic success but they are key in teaching students how to express themselves and it helps when building collaborative
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I strongly disagree with the allowance of these cuts because I see how much they have helped so many. First of all I have heard a lot about the effects it has had on many teachers. What they do is amazing and if we didn’t have these people who are so creative and who spark interest in others then things would be boring.
Also there are many jobs where you have to think and be creative. I am currently studying to be a cosmetologist and art is a big part of that. As a cosmetologist you have to be able to think things through and look at a person and know what looks good on them. We also have to be really creative in this field. Also I just find art fun and relaxing in general. I look forward to this class because I enjoy being creative and trying new things.
The real purpose of education is to help shape well rounded students/individuals and that means it requires including these arts. Schools should be trying their best to help their students demonstrate creativity and encourage this artistic expression. All of this is crucial to a positive