Cutting To The Heart Of Self-Jury Analysis

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The article I read for this evaluation is “Cutting to the Heart of Self-Jury” by Julie Ganschow. It was posted on the Biblical Counseling Coalition blog and published in March of 2014.In the article Ganschow addresses stresses that teens are under, but are not ready to handle and how they use self-harm to cope with it or relieve painful feelings that are hard to express. Ganschow shares the story of her first time meeting Rebekka a counselee who dealt with self-harm then addresses how teens have to make decisions they are not mature enough to handle. For instance, teens are sexually active long before they’re ready or thrust into situations they are not mature enough to deal with such as heartache of a broken home or divorce. In their stress, teens come to believe there is nothing stable and no one they can talk to or trust coping with it by self-harm thinking they’re alone. Ganschow then states that there is no quick fix for self-harm and that it a heart issue that requires renewal of the mind with encouragement to think Biblically. …show more content…
Ganschow makes the point that it was through Biblical encouragement that Rebekka was able to see the idolatry in her self-harm and that self-harm didn’t help with her pain. Also, Rebekka learned the need of repentance, about the sovereignty of God, and how to deal with things Biblically. It was with only through the renewal of the mind that Rebekka was able to see her problem Biblically and learn that it is God who cares for her and gives her