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Core Values
Core Values Description: Integrity

Strive to do what is right and do what we say we will do. Model principled behavior and sound business ethics. Earn the trust of others through consistency of actions with stated values and commitments. Take responsibility for one's own actions.
Have a strong personal sense of what is right and wrong. Avoid the wrong and stand up for what is right.

Failed to Demonstrate
• Acts without regard for Cummins Code of
Business Ethics.

• Consistently acts in accordance with
Cummins' Code of Business Conduct. Actively

• Encourages others to model the Cummins
Code of Business Conduct

considers or explores ethical issues or the ethical implications of decisions or actions.
Translates ethical concerns into actions.
• Does not see ethical implications until they are brought to his/her attention.

• Actively considers ethical issues and the implications of decisions or actions.

• Words do not match actions.

• Demonstrates consistency between words and

• Avoids responsibility for his/her own behavior.

• Recognizes the impact of his/her own actions

actions. and accepts responsibility for consequences.
• Blames others for mistakes.

• Steps forward to address difficult issues of ethics or integrity.
• Clarifies mutual expectations.
• Follows through to ensure satisfaction.
• Examines successes and failures to extract and identify opportunities for improvement.

• Open to feedback.

• Seeks and offers feedback.

• Addresses concerns directly and

• Helps people resolve problems with others.

• Not open to feedback.
• Complains about the behavior of others without appropriately addressing the problem


• Fails to maintain confidential information.

• Maintains confidential information.

• Challenges misuse of confidential information.

Core Values
Core Values Description: Innovation

Apply the creative ingenuity necessary to make us better faster first. Seek opportunities to improve products and work processes. Generate ideas that go beyond the status quo. Recognize the need for new or modified approaches and champion them. Act as a catalyst for change.

Failed to Demonstrate
• Offers few ideas on how to improve products or processes.



• Makes improvements to products or processes

• Provides leadership to improvement processes.

that result in greater efficiency and effectiveness. • Persists with the status quo when improvements are feasible.
• Doesn't support change.
• Criticizes or suppresses new ideas.
• Pushes poorly thought-out initiatives.
• Proposes change for the sake of change.

• Responds quickly to new ideas championed by

• Champions ideas effectively.

• Supports new initiatives that improve performance. • Makes changes based on the evidence of need/opportunity. • Engages others in improvement process.
• Encourages innovative thought and appropriate risk taking in others.
• Seeks out and proposes well-developed improvement initiatives.

Core Values
Core Values Description: Delivering Superior Results

Exceed expectations consistently. Anticipate and take action to exceed stakeholder needs. Define and evaluate quality standards. Establish effective short and long range plans. Assign responsibilities, delegate and empower, monitor and follow up to ensure superior results.

Failed to Demonstrate
• Reacts to rather than anticipates customer needs. Demonstrated
• Anticipates and takes action to consistently meet or exceed customer needs.

• Develops short-term fixes rather than longterm solutions.

• Engages others in understanding customer goals, needs and processes.
• Develops breakthrough strategies that capitalize on emerging customer needs/opportunities. • Integrates objectives and plans with others to assure coordination and superior results.

• Works without clear objectives and/or plans.

• Develops clear objectives and logical plans

• No evidence of performance measurement.