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Command verbs
We recognise that as a practitioner you will have a lot of teaching experience, however, you may find it useful to share these command verb meanings and examples with your learners.
The purpose of this guide is to give a definition of the command verbs used in the Cambridge Technicals qualifications.
For the most frequently used command verbs, we have given you examples of how these verbs could be used about a chair.
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Command verb Examples



Change to make suitable for a new use or purpose


Separate information into components and identify their characteristics. Discuss the pros and cons of a topic or argument and make reasoned comment.

A chair

A chair is used for sitting on. It can be used for standing on to reach something or kneeling on or hiding under but its most common purpose is to be sat on. It normally comprises a seat; a backrest and is supported by legs. The legs are positioned in such a way so as to balance the chair, so that when it is sat upon it does not collapse or become unstable.
Most chairs have four legs spaced to give stability to the chair.
Chairs can have three legs, again it is the positioning of the legs under the seat which provides the stability and makes a chair fit for purpose. Without the back rest a chair would be classed as a stool. The ergonomics of the best rest and the design and materials used in the seat contribute to how comfortable a chair may be to sit on.
Chairs can be made in many different styles and use a variety of materials. The design and material choice are reflected in the cost of the chair. Traditionally chairs were made of wood however there is now a vast array of materials used in chair production such as metal, plastic, rubber and fabric. The material used will affect the weight of the chair. Chairs are often used alongside a table, for example whilst eating or working. They are used to support body weight in a sitting position. The height of a chair is very important as if it was too high or too low it would not function at a table and may be uncomfortable. Chairs can be produced in different sizes to make them suitable for individuals eg a child. Chair sizes are standardised however it is relatively easy to find alternative sizes.


Command verbs

Command verb Examples



Put into operation or use. Use relevant skills/knowledge/ understanding appropriate to context Assess

Offer a reasoned judgement of the standard/quality of situation/ skills informed by relevant facts

A chair

Having examined many different chairs, I would consider the wooden chair with a leather seat pad to be the most comfortable.
It is also affordable at a cost of £99. Having looked at many different types of material, this chair is easy to lift and manoeuvre and it is easy to keep clean. The leather seat pad can be wiped down with affordable