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Comparison Essay
Ashley Dunham
MAAT 125
March 2, 2013

Comparison Essay
Out of all of the disease that I chose to do for my project; I truly believe that Acromegaly has the most profound effect on the human body. Acromegaly causes a person to grow constantly and it can cause a lot of harm and strain on the human body. Not only do the bones continue to grow with this disease, but also during this process, the heart continues to enlarge which causes many cardiovascular disease and strain on the heart. When doing my research, I found that acromegaly begins with a benign tumor, which eventually can be become cancerous. In my opinion, this is the worst disease a person can have. Between growing excessively and the risk of cancer being prominent, it is not very promising to the person that is suffering from the disease.
Unfortunately, only certain people in the medical field can treat this rare disorder. Neurologists and endocrinologists usually work with patients who are diagnosed with acromegaly. This disease is so rare and many people don’t even know how to begin treatment for someone who is suffering from it. If I ever had a family member that was diagnosed with acromegaly, the best treatment I would recommend is surgery. Although it is a painful procedure, the outcome is more likely to be very positive rather than if they were to go through radiation treatment. Surgery is known to correct most of the growth hormone in the body and it basically stops the whole process from continually reoccurring. I have seen several people go through radiation and it affects the body in so many different ways. Also, I do not agree with using chemicals to treat any disease unless it is the only option that I have to choose from.
So far, in my research, I have found that blepharitis has the best prognosis out of any of the