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Jordan Tatum - 20/04/1996
14 Mattison Close, Leeming Bar,
Bedale, DL79ED, 07557099363

I will be great for your establishment because i'm hard working and i want to become the best chef i can be

The aim is to highlight your professional attributes and goals, summarising why someone should consider your application. HYPERLINK ""Find out how to write the perfect personal statement.


Job Title – Dates of Employment (date format should be Month YYYY e.g. November 2011 – May 2012)
Company Name -

It is very important to include your dates of employment regardless of whether you are still in the job you have listed. This is because Monster’s CV Search will use these dates as well as the skills obtained/utilised in this time period to determine if you’re what an employer is looking for.


Provide key achievements within a role and try to highlight the skills used to obtain your goal
Try to avoid soft terms like “high energy” and aim for skills used within the role – such as “programming using C++”
Provide enough information to entice your potential employers to call you
Always keep examples relevant to the role you are applying for
HYPERLINK ""Find out more about how to identify your achievements.

Job Title – Dates of Employment
Company Name -

For older jobs you should keep the details slightly shorter, remembering to include your dates of employment and key skills obtained/applied to achieve your goals.


Try to HYPERLINK ""avoid cliché phrases that don’t differentiate you as a candidate
Always HYPERLINK ""tailor your CV for each job application to match the requirements
Try not to waffle if you feel like you don’t have much to write in this area. Succinct to