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The Anglo American University

It was just last summer when I took my first step on to Prague’s historical ground. I only have one word to describe this mysterious and beautiful city, breathtaking. The fact that this city has kept its Romanesque and gothic style throughout the world wars is astonishing and compelling. The cobblestone, fairy tale like architecture, and the way the city is lit up during the night is spectacular. Throughout all my travels I knew this was the place I belonged to. When I caught wind of this school I knew that I must take the opportunity and apply. After extensive research over AAU I found the schools humanities program to be extremely appealing. I have always been very social and would enjoy a school as diverse and cultured such as AAU. I have always lived here in Denver Colorado, and look forward to broadening my horizons. I strongly feel that the ability to understand how other people or groups think, and values, is crucial for society to grow. I hope to learn and appreciate different cultures and religious traditions. In the end efforts to preserve the great accomplishments of the past, help us understand the world we live in, and give us tools to imagine the future. Those are my beliefs and I intend to invest my time and further my understanding towards those ideals. I believe that AAU and its humanities program is where I can accomplish my goals. After my studies with AAU I plan on traveling the world. To gain further insight to our