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Running Head: CVS OD DILEMMA


I. Introduction and Overview
CVS Pharmacy is considered one of the top pharmacy nationwide chains in the country. There are more than 7,100 stores in nearly every state. The stores retail medication, toiletries and sundry merchandise that is purchased by consumers such as snacks, beverages, skin care and personal care items, holiday merchandise and convenience goods. There is also an online site where products can be ordered and shipped directly to consumers. Some of the CVS pharmacies have medical services that operate out of the retail stores.
A. Identify the Organization
CVS recognizes the importance of establishing a culture that will have an affect on its people and their performance. The organizational development functional management at CVS realized that sharing a common vision would assist each individual in understanding what the company stands for, commit to the same vision, and then work toward supporting the mission each and every day.
The vision at CVS is simple “to strive to improve the quality of human life” (, 2010). Taking a look at two of the organization’s functional goals in the Technology and Human Resource business areas, it is easy to see how CVS is an industry leader.
1. The role of the organizational development team is to identify areas where issues remain unresolved even though there has been some changes made to management or system processes. The goals of the technology department are to remain at the forefront of the industry and continue to meet objectives set to improve operations quality with the organization.
II. Define the Problem
There are issues related to timeliness in responding to customer