cyber bully Essay

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Although there have always been bullies, technology has changed what bullying looks like.
Although technology makes it difficult to identify the real perpetrator, the expansion of technology throughout the years has recently made cyber bullying easier to be done. From Twitter to Facebook to Formspring to Instagram, cyber bullying makes its way over the entire internet, and will not stop for anything. Adults warn children about social websites and how they are more likely to become victims of cyber bullying and how they are also vulnerable to predators that mask their identities. For example, bullies can now post pictures of other students without their permission. This is a very harmful thing because if the bully posts a picture of you doing something that you didn't want on the internet, it can hurt you with trying to get into the school of your dreams or your chances of getting a job. Technology is a leading factor of cyber bullying. Bullying has went from being just a physical abuse that children experienced at school, and mental abuse that follows children around everywhere, as long as there is technology around them. For instance, the bully can post a status on Facebook and it be a lie. There was a time when a bully made rumors about a girl and posted it all over Facebook and people started to make fun of the girl. The girl didn’t know who the bully was because the bully make a fake profile and put a fake picture up so no one would know who it was behind the