Cyber Bullying Essay

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Cyber bullying is the use of technology to spread embarrassing or harmful information about another person. It is common to see such happening on popular social network sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram. Unfortunately, social networks are not always used positvely. Cyber bullying is becoming a major problem around the world amongst our youth. Cyber bullying seems to have a greater impact than traditional bullying, knowing that it can be stressful, laws are being passed so that schools may be able to punish students for cyber bullying.
Significant differences between cyber bullying and traditional bullying make the impact of cyber bullying more severe (Uhls 1). Technology makes cyber bullying easier. Which it is nearly impossible to escape cyber bullying with such technologies. Cyber bullying victims can be bullied anytime and from anywhere because most children have access to ditigal devices outside of school (Uhls 1). Derogatory and hurtful comments posted online and shared between people are impossible to stop and can reach an unlimited number of people. "Cyber bullying can damage reputations and destroy lives" (Foxman 2). However, with traditional bullying, you can tell someone immediately who is bothering you. It may be harder to idenify who is bothering you on the Internet, knowing that it allows anonymity (Uhls 2). Traditional bullies could only act on their victims when they say them. It is confined to school and places that the victims interacted face to face. Studies show that over a 2 month period, 13.3% of the students reported that they had bullied others at least once physically, 37.4% verbally, 27.2% socially, and 8.3% electronically (Uhls 2).
"Anonymous comments can put stress on people and tamper their personalities" (O'Neil 2). Cyber bullying can be beyond stressful. Yet, everyone handles it differently. It lowers some students self esteem, drawing them to a very low place. Some of which have even committed suicide. On the other hand, some students feel as if such sites should not be taken seriously (O'Neil 2). One student says that he takes social network sites lightly, and they are strictly for his entertainment (O'Neil 4). It all depends on your