Cyber Bullying Amendment

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Cyberbullying and the First Amendment Bullying is bad behavior! In the recent years, there has been much attention in the news about this very serious matter when teens have committed suicide due to being humiliated over the internet. Teachers have been placed in a situation where the matters at home can greatly impact the things that occur in the learning environment. Bullying should never be tolerated in school and teachers are mandated to report such acts. This writing will reflect the steps that should be taken if a student informs a teacher that he/she has been a victim of bullying by a classmate on the social site Facebook.
State Statues
Sexual harassment/bullying of any kind is not prohibited by federal and state laws. The law states that the failure to report an issue involving a student can lead to the teacher being legally held accountable.
District Policies
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Within the faculty and student handbooks the rules that pertain to a safe learning environment are clearly stated. It is imperative to make certain that there is a clear understanding of the views and teachers review the student handbook in the classroom at the beginning of the school year. If a student implies that another student has been offensive over the internet on Facebook or any other social media, it is a state law that the teacher report the incident. First, the complaint must be verified as real and not simply made up. Next, the parents of all the students involved must be notified. There is a five-day time period in which the matter must be completely investigated (East Feliciana Public Schools Student Handbook). The district must document all of the findings and communications with the proper