Cyber Bullying Annotated Bibliography Essay

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Annotated Bibliography
"Protecting Youths From Online Harassment." Harvard Mental Health Letter 1 Sept. 2011. Academic OneFile. Web. 10 Nov. 2011.
In this article the author discusses about the harmful actives that the internet dose to the youth. With two main points; cyber bullying and sexting, the author briefly discusses what they are and what threat that occurs from them. The article is useful to me because it shows the harmfulness on what could happen on the internet. However, this article is very vague and lakes a certain amount of information to achieve its point.
"Cyber Bullying Crackdown: Recent Tragedies And A New Survey Shine A Spotlight On Online Bullying." Current Events, a Weekly Reader publication 17 Oct. 2011: 4+.
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Web. 10 Nov. 2011.
This magazine article argues if schools should be held responsible for cyber bullying. The author briefly describes what cyber bullying is and then goes on to describe that yes they should be held responsible while also stating the latter they should not be held responsible. The author makes it clear that she doesn’t take sides by giving the different responses and the meaning behind it. This information will be useful in my essay because it explains the different views on who the responsibility should be handed to on this issue.
"Facebook, Time Warner Take On Bullying." PC Magazine Online 12 July 2011. Academic OneFile. Web. 10 Nov. 2011.
In this article the author shows readers that there is a way to help the victims of cyber bullying. The author shows multiple ways Facebook could help the victims of cyber bullying. The author briefly discusses how they can help in this situation but vaguely discusses anything else in the use of understanding cyber bullying. It is useful in my essay because it provides organizations in which victims can seek help from cyber bullying.
Levy, Peter. “Confronting Cyber Bullying.” T.H.E. Journal v. 38 no. 5 (May 2011) pg. 25-7. HW Wilson Web. Web.
In this scholarly journal article the author talks about the severity of how cyber bullying affects its victims. This article briefly suggests finding help and what to do in resolving it. This article only focuses on the causes of cyber bullying and not much on how it is