Cyber Bullying by D.R Y.M Essay

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Why do cyber bullying victims prefer not to tell their parents and teachers and what are the consequences.

Using blogs, emails and social networking has become common these days. It has helped people to boost their relationships and stay connected with friends and family. However, people are using these tools for threatening reasons. They spread rumors, tell lies they even upload pictures of people doing something in appropriate. Those people are called cyber bullies. Cyber bullying means a bully, but not in the normal way, he bullies people using the new technologies such as mobile phones, computers and emails.
This essay considers he reasons why cyber bullying victims prefer not telling their parents and the effect that this has on the children.

The first reason why victims do not tell their parents is because parents will stop them from using their computers and mobile phones which have become very important in their lives, most people use technologies every day and some people depend on it, children’s as well depend on technology to entertain, to provide useful information. For instance, student refer to internet to improve their knowledge and to particularly to have constant contact with their friends.
Another reason is that because rumors and stories can be easily spread between school mates and friends, victims of cyber bullying are afraid if they told their parents or teachers, they would not handle or solve this issue. The cyber bully will create more rumors, stories and the victim will be under more pressure.
A final reason is that bullies could hurt their victims more if they knew that they are affected. There are lots of ways for cyber bullies to know if the victim is affected or not, one of these ways if the victim told his parents, because telling his parents shows his weakness, Therefore the bully will continue his work unless someone stands for the victim and defends him.

These were three reasons why victims do not tell their parents about cyber bullying. However, there are some serious