Cyber-Bullying Persuasive Essay

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Teens nowadays have the power to do pretty much anything and they have the perfect tool to get it done. The Phone. A small handheld supercomputer device, that is everything and anything you want it to be. But not everyone uses it for good, some people use it to hurt and harm others over the internet for self gain or reputation. Many people’s lives are ruined because someone does not agree with what someone said, but as an adult it is easier to deal with. As a kid, though it is harder to deal with and those bullied may be in danger.
Those actions done by children online are called Cyber-Bullying. And to be honest no-one gives kids any real description of what cyber-bullying is or what it looks like, but we expect them to. Also we never talk about most of the symptoms of cyber-bullying or the others effects it has on people. Next would come the consequences of the cyber-bullying later in
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Or they went down a dark path that no-one should go down, their entire lives have been uprooted and changed. The person who did so gets away with the trauma they have caused to the person. But hopefully in 2018 their will be even better strides for those who need help to overcome cyber-bullying especially for kids in younger grades.
Preventing cyberbullying should be something that people learn in the youngest of ages, since most kids at the age of 9 are now getting a phone, we are going to have to teach them the Do’s and Don'ts of the internet. The main point should be to teach them that they are perfect in their own way and that attacking anyone else online will not make you feel better. If anything tell them that it is the worst thing they could do to someone. If kids are told the repercussions of cyberbullying they can easily avoid it, and even better help others overcome their bullies