Cyber Crime Case Study

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Phishing awareness and offence according to Malaysian cyberlaw.
UiTM Machang, Kelantan, Malaysia.

The aims of this paper are to measure the level of Malaysian cyber security against cybercrime regarding to phishing attacks. Most of the topic discussed in this paper focus on Malaysian cyber laws which comprises within Computer Crime Act 1997. Although phishing seems to be hitting on individual and organizations, it brings major impact towards economy and nation sanctuary.
Keywords: Phishing, cybercrime, emails,

Cybercrime is one of the most problematic scenario where the criminals are barely untraceable and tricky to pursued. Most of these crimes were done within internet and mobile phone (SMS/MMS) where the offences are against individual or organization.
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URL contain confusing domain name
Phisher who did sent malicious emails or website will consider that their victim will not notice the different in the domain name. Usually the domain name will not be clearly seeming as it is from an official website. The last part of the domain usually can tell whether it is valid or not. For example,

3. Poor spelling and grammar
Whenever a large company sent an email or website link, it is obvious that most of the spelling or grammar in the message are reviewed as highly standardize and legal. If the content of the message or website is poorly and terrible in spelling and grammar, it probably did not come from its official and legal department.

4. A request for personal information
It does not matter how official an email message or website might look, there is something not right when it asked for personal information. For example, bank company does not need their customer to send their account number. They already know each information regarding to the accounts and credit card number since their customer has sign in and use their services.

5. No actions are taken