Cyber Crime Vs Traditional Crime Essay

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There are differences between cybercrime and traditional crime; one of those differences includes the proof that the crime actually happened. Traditional crimes, for example are robberies, murder, rapes, assaults, kidnapping to name a few. Cybercrimes are crimes conducted via the internet, a computer, or some type of computer technology. When traditional crimes happen there is usually evidence left behind by the criminal such as fingerprints, DNA, or other physical evidence that leads to the capture of the offender. However, when a criminal uses cybercrime, they depend on the internet to commit their crimes, which usually do not leave much evidence behind. When a traditional crime is committed, a forensic specialist can analyze the evidence and turn it over to prosecutors for a possible conviction. Those same specialists have a harder time in collecting evidence for cybercrimes because these criminals can change their identities, hide behind fake web addresses, or even be in another state/country when they commit their crimes. It is not as easy for a criminal to change their identity when committing a traditional crime.
In addition, the other difference between these two crimes is the time it takes to investigate these crimes. It is very
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If there is a threat of a cyber-attack on the government or a financial institution, then the effects can put people in fear of putting their money in banks or afraid to come forward to a government agency to provide help or get help. For example, if people start deciding to take their money out of financial institutions because of a threat, then there are people out there watching and waiting for that to happen. Those people become vulnerable because now they have their life saving sitting at home, waiting for a thief to take it. Overall, cybercrime can cause a lot of financial losses; it can bring fear and distrust of government