Cyber Ethics Deontologist Versus Utilitarian View on “Net Neutrality” Essay

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Cyber Ethics

Deontologist versus utilitarian view on “Net Neutrality” The internet has already changed the way that the world operates today. Presently, everyone has access to the internet everywhere in the world. The internet is used through a variety of purposes, from academia research to business transactions and contacting family. Considering the freedom that the internet provides us, a group of people threatens that freedom of access to the Internet by conflicting with the Net Neutrality. Analyzing this issue from a deontological versus a utilitarian point of view, this paper will show why it is important to keep all the users equal in the Internet. Before we start, we must understand that ethic is all in a matter of
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The internet should be a tool for people to be free from that stage of civilization evolves into the next. “We have to ensure free and full exchange of information, and that starts with an open internet.” (Obama, 2007) To deprive this freedom of information would be a crime to our rights as human. Our right to freedom of information article 19, and right to education article 26. (Universal Declaration of Human Rights) To discriminate this access of internet by separating the privileged and the unprivileged would be against the utilitarian view.
It is obvious that the deontologist view would be to protect the privileged and utilitarian view would be to the freedom of information. In conclusion, the more ethical thing to do is to let everyone have equal opportunity of access of information. Humans should work together and let this world to be a better place and not let profit blind people from doing the right thing, by segregating the privileged class and everyone else.
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