Cyber Space Essay

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Cyberspace Cyberspace is defined as the notional environment in which communication over computer networks occurs. In effect, cyberspace can be thought of as the interconnection of human beings through computers and telecommunication, without regard to physical geography. Cyberspace isn’t related to a physical environment so can it be defined with geographical terms? On a global scale when looking at internet users across the globe the point seems to be the center of the earth since all the connections and users surround the world. But that’s where the internet circulates around, since it is a connecting through computers then it has no nodal point or hearth. Across a flat map the internet connections just travel across the globe. In a way the internet is just connections and if the connections don’t lead back to a center point or circulate around a center point then it can’t have a nodal point. Another way to look at it is that your computer is the nodal point and all the connections and communications that lead from your computer are the hinterlands. So wherever the biggest clustering of computers are, they can possibly the main center of connections and can be considered the nodal point for the internet. The size of the internet is huge with all the knowledge it holds and how much it disperses across the world. But it’s not a physical environment and has never been physically touched just virtually accessed. So I believe it’s not a real place, and the nodal point is…