Cyber Space at work place Essay

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Cyber space racism and ethnic hatred at the work place is an act of using and posting racist comments, images and text messages on social networks sites or use of Internet vessel such as emails. Over the past, it has been established that employees at work place have changed the old age of racism and ethnic hatred to new digital fashion of discrimination over the Internet. In this regard, it is acknowledged that “Cyber Racism and ethnic discrimination is based on grounds of race and different cultural practice argues” (Daniels 1997).
Specifically, Cyber racism and ethnic hatred menace entails arbitrarily designating an employee or a group of employees at work place as belonging naturally to some minor race thus being deemed inferior than other employees. For this reason, categorizing people according to their color or their mental or moral behavior rather than their academic qualification, is an example of purely cyber discrimination of employees.
Discrimination in the workplace is caused by embracing a system at work place where decision making power is maintained by one particular selected group of employers who teach each other hatred, racism, and stereotyping which is a noncompliance to affirmative action causing discrimination. As a matter of fact, people are not born being racist. But racism is an act that is learned from a coworker and an employee at the work place or practiced as an extension of cultural exposure of a community. In most cases Employees join their working environment with purity and determination to work for personal gain but not hate of others (Daniels 1997). At work place, employees discrimination over the cyber space causing factors ranges from releasing messages over the Internet on basis of race, color, religion, sex which includes altitude and perception towards pregnancy, national origin, age, disability or any other un ethical statements. These factors cause racism and ethnic hatred discrimination when is elevated in making decision to “determine the employees’ performances status, promotion potential or disciplinary action” (Jason W, 2004) taken against an employee at work place.
Richard (2002) argues that Cyber racism and ethnic hatred at the work place has been noted as a “major cause of Physical and Emotional Health distress”. It has been proved that employees at work place suffer great distress, blood pressure and other related stress ailment and diseases because of the Cyber racism and ethnic hatred elevated to them at the work place, this may range from major discriminatory events such as threats of being fired from a job or suffer due to reactions to chronic daily discrimination in the workplace like racist or sexist jokes or even unfriendly work environment message provocations over the Internet.
According to Jason (2004) “Cyber racism and ethnic hatred at the work place may also lead to legal pursuits…” puts the matter to light by pointing out that racial and ethnic discrimination are among violation of federal and state laws. He highlights that; “discrimination in any terms or conditions of employment are illegal”, which are based on their race, color, national origin, sex and religion. Specifically, the Age discrimination in Employment Act does not allow discrimination of workers over 40 years of age. Secondly, the Americans with Disabilities Act also require that employers to make reasonable accommodations to allow disabled persons access buildings and workplace functionality. In addition The Family and Medical Leave Act also demands that employees are not discriminated against employers by taking care of personal or family medical needs for this reason any form of discrimination whether done on cyber or otherwise any instances of workplace discrimination is valid to lead employees to file a discrimination lawsuits against the employer.
In reference to Donald (2003) “Cyber racism and ethnic hatred at the work place also has a negative effect... It creates poor working