Cyber Warfare Essay example

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Cyber Warfare As technology has grown exponentially within the past fifty years, cyber crime becomes a growing worry for those working to create international security. As the internet becomes more widespread and reliable, the amounts of attacks from those trying to terrorize or censor the web have been growing too. Currently, the situation within many of these nations are that many states create infrastructure throughout the web, with government files, banks and other important data being stored in secure servers. As cyber-attacks continue to destroy, manipulate and damage data within nations, the development of more secure technology is necessary. At first warfare was mostly thought of as fronts comprised of troops heading on against one another. Eventually, technology grew to incorporate the infantry with more mobility and defense, through tanks and aircraft. However, warfare grew to new heights as mechanisms became digitized. Many objects or gadgets that in the past had simple functions are becoming more connected through computers and networks. Although this has evolved into our modern world technology, it has created vulnerabilities of new forms of warfare, known as cyber warfare. Although there are not many documented cases of cyber warfare, with cyber espionage and sabotage being relatively new concepts, nation have created and funded many government sectors to begin focusing on cyber security. With more governments being armed with technology to defend intelligence and